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Thursday, 19 Sep 2019

SEBODIANE DS LP Serum extended release

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SEBODIANE DS LP Serum extended release

  • Benefiting from the S-Regulin complex, Sebodiane DS LP Serum eliminates flakes, relieves itching, and regulates the skin flora. Due to its vectorization process, Sebodiane DS LP Serum allows for a targeted and long lasting action at the core of the sebaceous glands.
  • Linoleic acid, a serum natural constituent, is gradually stocked and released in order to regulate serum quality and quantity with a long lasting effect.
  • Its innovate galenic nature and its dropper pippette presentation allows for a targeted action on difficult access areas including hairy areas, external auditory canals, edge of scalp.
  • Treatment targeted to working deeply at the core of the sebaceous glands with a long lasting effect.
  • A new therapeutic point of view to effectively fight against the sebo-squamous state that may present itself on the face, scalp and thorax.


COMPOSITION: S-regulin, linoleic acid, solketal.
During severe outbreaks, apply at night for 10 days. Then apply at night three times a week until the lesions disappear.
8 ml dropper bottle.